The Carbon Footprint

From transportation to cooking on a grill, human activities often impact the surrounding atmosphere. When burning fossil fuels or wood, the combustion results in carbon dioxide molecules being released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities have contributed to notable changes in Earth's environment and atmosphere. In great quantities, CO2 acts as a … Continue reading The Carbon Footprint


Game of Poisons

  Poisons have fascinated humanity for centuries, and some of the top contenders for world’s deadliest come from the sea. Killer chemical cocktails have evolved independently throughout the Tree of Life, and serve as fast and effective means to capture prey and evade predation. Poisons can be classified in a variety of ways, including by … Continue reading Game of Poisons

The delicate nutrient balance on our coasts

Nitrogen is a critical nutrient for the growth of photosynthetic microscopic marine organisms known as phytoplankton. Just like you and I need a proper balance of vitamins and minerals in our diet, these microscopic organisms need a proper diet of vitamins to grow and survive. In a normal boom-and-bust life cycle of plankton, growth is … Continue reading The delicate nutrient balance on our coasts


Myths and legends abound around our fascination with the deep, a cold, dark, mysterious environment famous for its limited habitability. This environment hardly conjures up feelings of home, but a few organisms have evolved to call it just that, and they often look eerily like the nightmare fuel that first jumps to mind. One such … Continue reading Vampyroteuthis

Future Frogmen’s Glimpse of Our Ocean Conference – 2017

Future Frogmen’s Glimpse of Our Ocean Conference - 2017 On October 5-6, 2017 the fourth Our Ocean Conference convened in Malta. The European Union (EU) hosted political leaders and some business leaders from more than 100 countries around the world, and announced new and continuing pledges to address ocean related matters. These were in synch … Continue reading Future Frogmen’s Glimpse of Our Ocean Conference – 2017

Phaeophyta Forest

Stands of giant bladder kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera, tower over the sea beds below, swaying with the currents in impressive, underwater scenescape. It is often mistaken for a plant, but is actually a type of algae. Algae have fascinated scientists for centuries, and their specific classifications are still to this day quite controversial. Most textbooks agree … Continue reading Phaeophyta Forest

Green Sea Turtles: Help the Hatchlings!

Of the many species of turtles, the green sea turtle especially intriguing. An article by the Sea Turtle Conservancy describes green sea turtles’ diet, habitat, and other characteristics in detail; you can learn more about these turtles in their article. Typically living around coastlines, this species is often found nesting on shores and can be … Continue reading Green Sea Turtles: Help the Hatchlings!

The Trash Vortex

There are so many different opinions on what the Great Pacific Garbage Patch really is; what it really looks like. Is it some enormous island of trash in the middle of the pacific ocean? Is it full of half degraded flotsam? Or is the reality much more gruesome even than these horrifying images?

The Larsen C Ice Sheet is Breaking Up

Previously there had been news about part of an ice sheet splitting off — the size of Delaware. Just a few weeks ago, the unimaginable happened, and the large, broken off iceberg is a sign for change. The Larsen C ice shelf is located in Antarctica, and has shown potential for splitting in recent months. … Continue reading The Larsen C Ice Sheet is Breaking Up