The Carbon Footprint

From transportation to cooking on a grill, human activities often impact the surrounding atmosphere. When burning fossil fuels or wood, the combustion results in carbon dioxide molecules being released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities have contributed to notable changes in Earth's environment and atmosphere. In great quantities, CO2 acts as a … Continue reading The Carbon Footprint


Green Sea Turtles: Help the Hatchlings!

Of the many species of turtles, the green sea turtle especially intriguing. An article by the Sea Turtle Conservancy describes green sea turtles’ diet, habitat, and other characteristics in detail; you can learn more about these turtles in their article. Typically living around coastlines, this species is often found nesting on shores and can be … Continue reading Green Sea Turtles: Help the Hatchlings!

The Larsen C Ice Sheet is Breaking Up

Previously there had been news about part of an ice sheet splitting off — the size of Delaware. Just a few weeks ago, the unimaginable happened, and the large, broken off iceberg is a sign for change. The Larsen C ice shelf is located in Antarctica, and has shown potential for splitting in recent months. … Continue reading The Larsen C Ice Sheet is Breaking Up

Melting Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Levels

The Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are melting. Over the past few years, there have been reports of sections of ice sheets breaking off in both of the poles. However, currently there is an even more massive, quickly expanding crack within the Antarctic ice sheet. In an article on EcoWatch, Dan Zukowski explains how, “The breach is … Continue reading Melting Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Levels