Polar Bears: Part Two

With temperatures rising around the world due to carbon dioxide emissions, the ice sheets up in the Arctic are breaking and melting quicker than ever before. The melting ice sheets has caused the Arctic, the polar bears’ habitat, to be slowly disappearing. Polar bears are forced to survive on smaller areas of ice and sometimes have to resort to spending more time searching for food than normal; this has made it even harder for polar bears to hunt and survive. Thus, the polar bears have been decreasing in population since the rise in temperature.

Being an essential part of the Arctic food chain and our world, it is imperative that we take action to help the polar bears. We can assist these bears by being conscious of climate change and its causes. The rise of temperatures is heavily due to carbon dioxide emissions and pollution from large industries. Trying to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from your vehicles and using clean energy alternatives or carpooling can help to stop increasing temperatures. Also, it is very important to spread awareness of climate change and its effect on  polar bears to get more people to take action. If many people work together to fight this, then polar bears will have a chance at surviving.


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