Melting Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Levels

The Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are melting.

Over the past few years, there have been reports of sections of ice sheets breaking off in both of the poles. However, currently there is an even more massive, quickly expanding crack within the Antarctic ice sheet. In an article on EcoWatch, Dan Zukowski explains how, “The breach is 300 feet wide and one-third of a mile deep,” and can potentially result in a massive ice sheet splitting off (Zukowski).

The future of Antarctica and other ice sheets are critical. Zukowski mentions that the rapid melting of ice sheets now can lead to a drastic rise in sea level in the near future — leaving many coastal cities vulnerable to being submerged. Without firm action to combat climate change, the changes in our environment can be detrimental to all species.

The quickly retreating regions of ice can no longer be ignored. It is no longer a problem of the distant future. It is now a current issue that can impact us.

We can prevent the impacts of climate change if we implement clean energy and move towards eco-friendly alternatives on big and small scales. This shift to a cleaner world, however, can only be done with the support of our representatives and leaders. Thus, we must bring attention to the issue of climate change.

If we can get the support of our leaders to help our environment, policies to reduce pollution and shift towards clean energy can be made. The crisis of climate change can be reversed if we start now, whether through petitions, letters, or social media. If you come across petitions or ways to help bring attention to the retreating ice caps, share the links with our social media pages to help raise awareness. The evidence of climate change is clear — it is up to us to make our voices be heard and show our representatives that we care about our environment, our planet, our future.


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