Welcome to future FROGMEN and FROGWOMEN

My name is Richard and my young friend is Hetal.

  • I was asked to provide some mentorship to Hetal, “an aspiring FROGWOMAN”.
    • Hetal is in High School.
    • She is very interested in our marine environment.
    • Hetal is in the lead here.  I’m just a helping hand.

We welcome guest blogs as well as regular blog contributors.

  • Our focus is anything to do with the ocean environment.
    • Coastal risk, erosion and resiliency.
    • Pollution, e.g. plastic.
  • We welcome everybody, of any age. Our target audience are young adults, 13 years and up. (The age one can get SCUBA certified.)

Please reach out to Hetal or me with any blog contributions.

  • The better the content, the better FUTURE FROGMEN will be.

By the way, we picked FROGMEN because that’s the title of my book.

  • I’m a retired a professional diver and Aquanaut. I served Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau aboard his ship Calypso.
  • Captain Cousteau co-invented SCUBA, which allowed people to be frogmen. 
  • At one time he was literally one of the most well known people on planet earth. Today he’s all but forgotten. We’re doing our small part to preserve his legacy and the important lessons.




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