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The Carbon Footprint

From transportation to cooking on a grill, human activities often impact the surrounding atmosphere. When burning fossil fuels or wood, the combustion results in carbon dioxide molecules being released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities have contributed to notable changes in Earth’s environment and atmosphere. In great quantities, CO2 acts as a … Continue reading The Carbon Footprint

Game of Poisons

  Poisons have fascinated humanity for centuries, and some of the top contenders for world’s deadliest come from the sea. Killer chemical cocktails have evolved independently throughout the Tree of Life, and serve as fast and effective means to capture prey and evade predation. Poisons can be classified in a variety of ways, including by … Continue reading Game of Poisons

The delicate nutrient balance on our coasts

Nitrogen is a critical nutrient for the growth of photosynthetic microscopic marine organisms known as phytoplankton. Just like you and I need a proper balance of vitamins and minerals in our diet, these microscopic organisms need a proper diet of vitamins to grow and survive. In a normal boom-and-bust life cycle of plankton, growth is … Continue reading The delicate nutrient balance on our coasts

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